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Gone are the days when Social Media was considered as time pass in which kids indulged. There were years of skepticism after which reluctantly people have accepted the power of social media.
Do you know that out of a total population of 7.476 Million people in the world 3.773 Million are Internet Users. Out of this whopping number, 2.80 billion people are Social media users. Active Social media users have risen steeply by 21%, up 482 million users versus 2015.Mobile social media users grew by 30% which is up by a huge 581 million users in 2015.

Social Platforms have become household names and are the most prominent marketing giants in today’s world. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram offer platforms to businesses along with valuable customer’s data and that too free and first hand at the same time.

If you are in a startup business and need to survive and thrive in the modern world Social Media to promote business is a big YES!

Here are the main advantages of Social Media Marketing for startups:

  1. Increases Brand Awareness and Builds Brand Loyalty

When a customer wants to know about a brand they find it easier to find a connect with the brand directly through Social Media especially for startups. This keeps the customers aware of what is happening with the brand on a day to day basis and increases and increases brand loyalty.

  1. Increases in depth customer insights

Every month there are 33 Million people who are active Facebook Users. The most active social media platform is facebook that covers a 72% of the total usage of social media, followed closely by You Tube at 69%, Whatsapp at 64% and FB Messenger at 47%, Instagram 42%, Google + 29%, twitter at 24%.

By being active with this constantly active percentage of population on Social Media you can gather relevant customer data. This information can be further used to make important business decisions.

  1. Increase ranking on search and website traffic

Website Traffic is incomplete if not routed through Social media. Apart from directing people to the website it also increases social media shares making the website rate higher in the Google page ranking.

 4. Easy study of competitors possible

Social Media opens the face of the competitors that can be obtained by the click of a mouse. One can understand the strategies and moves made by competitors. You also understand what are the areas you are weak and improve on them for business growth.


5. Increases sales and customer retention

Social media is a direct means to increase sales and customer retention and this can happen for years to come for startup companies. Increase in sales can happen through interacting with the customers regularly and also provide timely customer service. In the year 75% of the total companies who sold their businesses or services on social media experienced a growth in sales.

6.Provides facility to run ads and see real-time results

Ads placed on Social media are very inexpensive and can easily distribute the content across all your targeted customers. The targeting options help you fine tune you to the right audience with the help of segments like Company, job, title, gender, age and location. Startups gain a lot by this method of advertising as they do not want huge advertisement costs initially.

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