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Our Payment Gateway Integration Services allow you to accept online credit card payments and electronic checks from your e-commerce site.
What is a payment gateway? A payment gateway integration services is a platform that allows payment for credit card payments for online businesses, e-commerce, retailers, mobile traders and traditional brick and mortar stores. A payment gateway is responsible for facilitating and ensuring the authorization of payment data between the payment request (the site, the virtual terminal, the point of sale system) and the merchant account or a purchasing bank. To consolidate payment services, a trader usually set up a trading account and a payment gateway service in a process by the same company.

Payment Gateway Services in Noida


Payment Gateway Integration Method is used to pay or purchase online through authorizes credit card, it is mostly used for e-businesses, online retailers, bricks and clicks, or traditional brick and mortar. Using a variation of technologies, our group of expert web developers has incorporated numerous sites and web based shopping baskets with driving installment entryways. Our web designers can coordinate an installment passage of your decision with your internet business site, or online application. A payment gateway is a remotely facilitated programming application that empowers dealers to acknowledge charge card and electronic check installments specifically from their site. The installment data submitted on the site is caught and safely transmits the exchange information to a fitting money related organization to process and store reserves into your trader account. The assets are then kept into your ledger. Some installment entryways additionally incorporate a virtual terminal this enables dealers to utilize a discretionary method for accepting on the web installments. Utilizing the installment passage virtual terminal, the vendor can enter in exchange information. Payment gateway is one the most important part for our business. It is the process to get instant payment online from the customer, we are here to integrate payment gateway for your company. Radical Business Solutions is most trustful agency in Gurgaon. Our website development expert love to help you to provide payment gateway services.

Online Payment Gateway Integration Services Standard Features

Dramatic Solutions Business services from the payment gateway integration services contain all the management tools you need to successfully manage their financial transactions.

    • Online Payment Gateway: Accepts all major credit cards, gift cards and debit cards.
    • Accept eChecks Online: Chequing accounts our online merchant you can avoid unnecessary delays due to mail delivery times and longer time offset associated with paper checks.
    • Online transaction management: Our online payment software allows you to monitor transaction management for the e-commerce website, virtual terminal, or Web ™ payment software.
    • Get payments quickly: the money collected online comes quickly to your checking account business, usually within 2 days.
    • PCI Security and Compliance: Credit card sensitive data are stored in the data center supports PCI media in the mountains.

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